lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Berlin Calling

We used to talk about our past, about our future. But also about the way that city was taking our forces up. That damn city, plenty of nothing, just forcing us to give up, to let everything we wanted to do go. The city was always black for us, and we were blue for them. Cause there also was other people, people who cared about us, and gave us their hands just to keep on breathing. But we couldn’t breath anymore, and that was the main problem.
The more we wanted to run away, the more we couldn’t breath. And it’s very complicated to run with the lungs empty. Then, later, we grew up. I don’t know anything about them now.I suppose they learnt how to handle with life, they learnt to survive. I didn’t. I’m still a wanderer, wondering what’s going on with the world I live in. But I just don’t complain, I never complain. To keep on walking, to work it out whatever you’re working on, to keep on moving and to still smile despite your decrepit face, despite you know how much life sucks, how painful is living or how stupid is staring at the sky, like building castles in the sand. But I guess I learnt something, I learnt about beauty, about how worthy is keep on walking, no matter where you’re going and the most important above, about don’t give importance to how stupid the things sometimes are. Like staring at the sky, like building castles in the sand.

By that time, Berlin was calling us.

Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner from Ivan Zuber on Vimeo.

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Anónimo dijo...

Así funciona, así :)

Mola que escribas y que seas capaz de escribir cosas guays en inglés. Y que haya gente capaz de dejar de pensar en cuán estúpidas son las cosas y miren lo insignificante o construyan castillos en la arena, de esos que necesariamente ha de llevarse una ola. Porque así funciona.

Berlín, Berlín. :) dijo...

Després de llegir aço en la banda sonora que toque, crec que me'n vaig demà. Llástima que com sempre demà al matí tornarem a despertar a Castelló, i tornarem a vore lo de fugir cap a Berlín, o on siga, com algo que ens quede ben luny, com a mínim de moment...

Fènix dijo...

I have specially enjoyed these castles in the sand

Y'Svel dijo...

Yeah, you have to keep on doing those stupid things, like staring at the sky, because later they are the ones you regret stopping doing the most.
Loved your entry, whore. Now I feel that another place is calling me.

Just two things: "about how worthy is *keeping on walking" (cause it's a substantive) and "about *not giving importance to how stupid *things are" (after preposition, gerund)
Hope you don't mind ;)